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Mexico Regulatory Updates:

MODIFICATION to 4.1.1, subsection 10 of NOM-005-SCT / 2008 (Emergency Information for the Transport of hazardous substances, materials and residues)  

The Mexican SCT has revised NOM-005-SCT/2008 to reflect changes to the emergency response number requirement. Section 4.1.1 subsection 10 has been modified to read:

4.1.1 10) Telephone of the National Emergency System: Write down the telephone number of the National Emergency System, according to the telephones indicated below.

In the event of an accident or incident, immediate notice must be given.

  • CENACOM, National Center for Communication and Civil Protection Operation, 55 5128-0000 extensions 36428, 36422, 36469, 37807 and 37810.
  • SETIQ, Emergency Transportation System for the Chemical Industry, a service of the Chemical Industry Association (ANIQ) 800-00-214-00 and 55 5559-1588
  • COATEA, Orientation Center for the Attention of Environmental Emergencies. 55 5449-6300 extension 16986, email: In the case of radioactive materials:
  • CONASENUSA, National Commission for Nuclear Safety and Safeguards. 800-11-131-68 and 55 5095-3200 extension 210
  • National Public Security System, Emergency Call Center (CALLE). Emergency Call Attention Number For calls originating in any part of the national territory 9-1-1

In the event of an accident occurring in airport areas or within its jurisdiction, Article 180 of the Regulations of the Civil Aviation Law must be complied with.

This modification became effective on August 7, 2020