IVODGA has NGO Observer Status and is an active participant at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) meetings.

IVODGA has direct access to the IMO papers on the IMO web page. To retrieve the papers click on the IMO Papers website below - 

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IVODGA provides a summary of the IMO meeting papers as well as links to the final reports, see table below. And further below please find a table with links to the IMDG Code Amendment changes, erratum, corrigendum, etc.


IMO Sessions



Meeting Papers & Reports

E&T 31st Session

1-5 April 2019

Summary of Papers

CCC 5th Session

10-14 September 2018

Summary of Papers

CCC 4th Session

11-15 September 2017

Summary of Papers

Final Report

E&T 28th Session

18-22 September 2017

Summary of Papers

Final Report

E&T 27th Session

8-12 May 2017

Summary of Papers

Final Report

CCC 3rd Session

5-9 September 2016

Summary of Papers 

CCC 2nd Session

14-18 September 2015

Summary of Papers 

Final Report

E&T 24th Session

21-25 September 2015

Final Report

E&T 23rd Session

18-22 May 2015

Summary of Papers

CCC 1st Session

8-12 September 2014

Summary of Papers 

Audio Sessions

E&T 20th Session

23-27 September 2013

Final Report

DSC 18th Session

16-20 September 2013

Summary of Papers 

Final Report

DSC 17th Session

17-21 September 2012

Summary of Papers

Final Report

E&T 16th Session

26-28 September 2011

Final Report

DSC 16th Session

19-23 September 2011

Summary of Papers

Final Report

E&T 15th Session

6-15 April 2011

Final Report

DSC 15th Session

13-17 September 2010

Summary of Papers

DSC 14th Session

21-25 September 2009

Summary of Papers

USCG Presentation

IVODGA Report with Interventions 

Final Report 

E&T 13th Session

8-12 June 2009

Summary of Papers

DSC 13th Session

22-26 September 2008

Summary of Papers 

USCG Presentation

DSC 12th Session

17-21 September 2007

Summary of Papers 

E&T 12th Session

May 28 – June 1, 2007

Final Report

DSC 11th Session

11-15 September 2006

Summary Papers


IVODGA Report with Interventions

Final Report

DSC 10th Session

26-30 September 2005

Summary of Papers


Final Report


IVODGA Report with Interventions 
(Note: the report is in excess of 100 pages. Mr. Currie's interventions are noted on pages 9, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18 and 23. Due to the software conversion process the pagination differs from the original IMO report to the report provided by Mr. Currie.) 


25-29 April 2005

Group Papers:

Appendix A

EHS Text

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7






Amendment 39-18



Amendment 38-16


Changes in the IMDG Code Amendment 38-16

Amendment 37-14


IMO Amendment 37-14 Draft Changes

IVODGA Summary of IMDG Code Amd. 37-14 Significant Changes Document

Amendment 36-12


IMDG Annex 1 - Corrigenda 36-12

Amendment 35-10


Changes IMDG Code Amd 35-10

Amendment 34-08


Errata and Corrigendum IMDG Code Amd 34-08

Amendment to IMDG Code Amd 34-08

Amendment 33-06


Errata and corrigendum to the 33-06 Amendment of the IMDG Code

Amendments to IMDG Code Amd 33-06

Amendment 32-04


Draft Errata and Corrigendum IMDG Code Amd 32-04

Amendment 31-02


Summary of the Significant Changes to the IMDG Code - Amendment 32

IMDG Amendment 31-02 Errata