Blocking and Bracing / Cargo Securement

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Educational Videos

Union Pacific Intermodal Guidelines – Three Simple Steps for Damage-Free, Intermodal Shipments

How to Properly Secure Your Cargo l Hapag-Lloyd

What is General Average? l Trade Risk Guaranty

Container Matters l UK P&I Club

Cargo Lashing l Cargo Tuff LLC

Load Securement in 20’ Container: 18 IBC with (R) Lashing Container, 2x two cross straps l Rothschenk

Load Securement with (R) Lashing Container l Rothschenk



Minimum Loading Standards for Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) (Including Drums) in Closed Cars – Association of American Railroads

Union Pacific website on shipment quality

Union Pacific Hazardous Materials Securement Requirements & HAZMAT Evaluation Table

Loading and Securement Solutions - Norfolk Southern Railroad

Safety Guidelines and Regulations - CN – Canadian National Rail

Request a Safety Plan - CN – Canadian National Rail

Rules governing the loading, blocking and bracing of freight in closed trailers and containers for TOFC/COFC service.


Intermodal Loading Guide for Products in Closed Trailers and Containers

Intermodal General Loading Guidelines - Union Pacific Railroad 

Sea Transport:

"Safe Transport of Containers by Sea Industry Guidance for Shippers and Container Stuffers" published by World Shipping Council and International Chamber of Shipping - 

"Pack It Right Pack It Tight" publication by TT Club (P & I) includes proper classification and shipping paper preparation. 

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AAR presentation on Intermodal Cargo Securment:
Incidents and Press Releases

Unsecured load led to CP derailment:

World Shipping Council: Containers Lost at Sea Update 2020: